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Telling Positive Stories to Ourselves

So I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. (That happens in the span of more than two years.) I thought about the stories we tell ourselves.

I like positive stories. I think that’s because my mental landscape creates dystopian fiction at an alarming rate.

I know dark, gritty stories might seem more realistic. There is a realism in admitting to ourselves that people aren’t perfectly good or perfectly bad. Life isn’t always full of “happily ever after”. Life is messy and imperfect.

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Writing Prompt: Praise

(This is late. I apologize. Yesterday I was disgustingly sick, and couldn’t even get out of bed. It was the very antithesis of awesome. I’m not even sure how I feel now, so this will be short.)


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

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Writing Prompt: Precious Antiques Extracted from Nougat (?!)


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

(I’m trying something new with my writing prompts. *hands you a hard hat just in case* I’m not sure whether this will be rickety and awful or lovely and wonderful. Hence the hard hat.)

Write something using these words:


(The title is an attempt to do exactly this. I thought it was funny. :D )


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Poem: Light from Simplicity

(I’m posting my poems again. They may be awesome, they may be terrible. But I hope they make you feel better. Or that they make you feel like writing something. Or both. Both would be awesome.)


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

Light from Simplicity
fluttering stars
made of paper

luminous, light from simplicity

green and gold notes
two inks, one form

colorful, light from simplicity

twirling stars
born to dance

luminous, light from simplicity

expressive notes
rainbows, so small

colorful, light from simplicity

(c) 21 September 2013 Windy Johansen


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

And then, suddenly, Godzilla.

Godzilla ate my post. Really.

Well, okay. No he (she?) didn’t. (I really should know.)

To make a long story non-existent, life ate my post.

I’ll be back Monday with a writing prompt, and adjust the Friday schedule so you get the post you were promised.

Love you. <3