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5 Ways to Get Past Writer’s Block


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

Writers block is a tough wall to have dropped in your way. I think writer’ s block has kept me from producing as much as I could. It happens in one of it’s smallest forms when we stare at a paper or blank computer page and wonder what to write.

I hope this helps you.

Learn About the Bricks in Your Wall

In order to take apart what is keeping you from writing, you need to see what you can see about the components of this wall between you and your writing.

Everything later on in this list, I’ve noticed, really just helps you learn about those bricks and yourself, while giving you new tools to take care of your writing-self, if not your whole self. (Or that’s how this works for me.)

So, here’s a few bricks that I’ve seen.

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