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Poem: Cash, Bridges, and Elusive Goodies


(c) 12 Nov 2013 Windy Johansen

I just wrote this. I don’t know what it is, other than unabashedly silly. :D No, I don’t know what the sword is doing on the bridge (other than following the Rule of Funny). (TvTropes link alert! It will eat entire hours of your day. And you may not care, lol.) Maybe it’s one of those sentient swords and it just liked the view or something. lol (Of course, I then wonder how it got up there, and I have no idea.)
Cash, Bridges, and Elusive Goodies

a secret bridge
I searched for it,
but it’s not there
(I needed that sword)

a secret cave
it was right there
then it was gone
(I needed that ore)

I made a map
this is so annoying

an obvious pitfall
why is this here
did you really expect me
to fall for that?

I gave you my cash
your game is frustrating

catch the bear, save the princess
keep the hide, catch the daylight
before the mad troll sees you
and you have to respawn again

(c) 12 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

Writing Prompts: The Perfect Time (to Start Again)

the perfect time (to start again)

(c) 10 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

This time’s phrase is: the perfect time (to start again)

My creative writing often has these ideas of redemption and triumph as central themes; even if such ideas aren’t central, they’re typically woven through a work. I’ve had to start over so many times.

ANd as much tragedy as there can be in the things that make us start over, there’s often hope. Hope that this time will bring us closer to the best people we can be.

I think these moments give us the chance to be our own people. I think they also remind us of how delicate things in life can be…how delicate our own fellow beings are. I think these times of picking up the piece teach us to be kinder to the next person who goes through their own set of awful things.

I think that it makes our dreams and hopes capable of becoming far more rich and alive than they could be otherwise.

And at the same time, I really hate blazing through piles of tissues because I cried approximately 500 times today. But those things, those awesome things that grow out of this…brokenness…they’re grand. (And piles of dirty tissue is a small price to pay for that.)

I see this picture in my mind of dirt or soil broken into little jagged dry pieces. Those pieces are glass sharp enough to hurt you. The ground is rocky now; no water will ever make it produce life again. You’re sure it can’t.

You walk around a bit, picking past large shards. You stumble, fall, and dust yourself off. Ow. Owowow.

And then you see it…there’s this little plant growing a few inches from your toes. Somehow, life is still here.

You fell over that spot not long ago. Your blood must have given that seed just enough water to grow. You’re sure that has to be it. Otherwise that’d be a miracle.

Do miracles happen? N-no…Um..

The plant just continues to be there. It’s a bright green, with softly rounded leaves.

Do miracles happen?

And in that little plant..inside you, is this new promise: Tomorrow may not give you any rain, and the glass might hurt you, but there will always be bright things somewhere.

Unexpected life is extraordinary stuff. And as you look around, you spy other plants, even in places you haven’t been to.

Wow. The broken ground gave these little seeds room to sprout.

An embryonic forest of miraculous origin.

It’s the perfect time to start again.
How do you feel about these things?


Writing Prompts: Pure Courage.

pure courage

(c) 7 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

This time, the phrase is: pure courage.

There’s a lot of thoughts in the world about courage, as well as purity. But what does pure courage get you? A dashing knight or beautiful warrior? Some foolhardy person who attacks before he or she needs to? Or does it mean someone who is thoughtful? Is this thoughtful person someone who knows exactly how to take apart whatever threat he or she encounters, but refuses to be violent unless it’s necessary? Is this person Batman? (Batman, like many other superheroes seem like the word courage should be their middle name.)

I feel like pure courage is, at least in part, made up of confidence, self-assurance, and the driving idea that one’s self is okay to share with others.

Giant stashes of bad-guy busting gadgets are helpful too. ;)

<3 Thank you for sharing this bit of time with me. :)

Poem: Searching for One Moment


(c) 12 Nov 2013 Windy Johansen

on this separate road
we’re crawling among the pebbles
among the sharp pebbles

on this separate road
we’re searching in this stale desert
in this stale desert

searching for one moment

you and I cry
and we cry and, oh
in crying we become

a fountain gushing
sadness is, sadness is,
an unfinished statement
sadness is, sadness is
sadness is not everything

and there will be a new day

in these desperate eyes, you’ll see
we’re changing into new people
into new people

searching for one moment

you and I cry
and we cry and, oh
in crying we become

a fountain gushing
sadness is, sadness is,
an unfinished statement
sadness is, sadness is
sadness is not everything

and there will be a new day

nevermind yesterday
searching for one moment
nevermind tomorrow
searching for one moment
nevermind our whole future
searching for one moment, one single moment

(c) 31 July 2013 Windy Johansen

Writing Prompt: Space is HUGE (and Gloriously Awesome)

space is huge (and gloriously awesome)

(c) 3 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

The phrase this time is: space is huge (and gloriously awesome).

Our society is often enthralled by the wonder of space. So many possibilities. So many things to explore.

I see God in this vastness. Divine beauty has been placed in front of me, and all I can do is be thankful.

What do you see?

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