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A message about a change in purpose.

The poem I posted last Wednesday will be the last one for a while. I figure it’s more helpful to you if I help you flex your own writing muscles. Also, I’d love a reason to learn more about poetry than I currently know, and I know that teaching is the best way to do that.

I don’t quite know where I’ll go after talking about poetic forms, but I’m sure I’ll be led one way or another. If you like, you may suggest new poetic forms that I haven’t covered.

I am also working on writing prompts. Those will be able to be used in any writing context.


So. Hi.

I fully intended to have a post up yesterday (18 Sept). Then my computer and my website decided they didn’t like each other and were going to have giant hissy fits.

*sigh* Computers are so, so..indescribable. (And actually, non-sarcastically awesome, but oh it’s so hard to see sometimes!)

I called the hosting service, and it’s an SQL process that wasn’t working.

I like my hosting service. :D And I totally should have called them earlier today.
their site is here and if you’re looking for a host, I think they’re wonderful.