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Writing Prompts: Broken Times


(c) 12 Nov 2013 Windy Johansen

Write something that incorporates this incomplete poem.

broken times
but we still have all the right pieces
corrosive times
but we are still worthwhile people
broken times
but we are still moving, rebuilding
and we are still working, working
broken times

Use either the actual words, or if you like, write about these rebuilders. What pieces do they have? How much do they have to rebuild (bridge, city, country, civilization, or world)? How did they keep hope alive? Is this part of a speech a leader is giving?


Writing Prompts: Post-Apocalyptic Utopia


(c) 12 Nov 2013 Windy Johansen

There’s been an apocalyptic event. Nearly everything’s wrecked. Write about a utopian society there. How did they manage to make utopia possible when dystopia would have been easier?

Some thoughts:

For reference, a lot of the stories told as part of the Star Trek universe center on just such a society. People do argue that the Federation is actually more dystopian than it first appears, but to me, it has several compelling utopian elements irrespective of the possibility of co-existing dystopian elements.

Trying times can pull people apart, but has often brought people together. Think of how people come together in a crisis. They don’t look at one another as strangers; they see fellow beings in trouble and they care about and for one another.

Quite the fertile ground for the seeds of utopia. :)


Poem: Cash, Bridges, and Elusive Goodies


(c) 12 Nov 2013 Windy Johansen

I just wrote this. I don’t know what it is, other than unabashedly silly. :D No, I don’t know what the sword is doing on the bridge (other than following the Rule of Funny). (TvTropes link alert! It will eat entire hours of your day. And you may not care, lol.) Maybe it’s one of those sentient swords and it just liked the view or something. lol (Of course, I then wonder how it got up there, and I have no idea.)
Cash, Bridges, and Elusive Goodies

a secret bridge
I searched for it,
but it’s not there
(I needed that sword)

a secret cave
it was right there
then it was gone
(I needed that ore)

I made a map
this is so annoying

an obvious pitfall
why is this here
did you really expect me
to fall for that?

I gave you my cash
your game is frustrating

catch the bear, save the princess
keep the hide, catch the daylight
before the mad troll sees you
and you have to respawn again

(c) 12 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

Writing Prompts: Pure Courage.

pure courage

(c) 7 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

This time, the phrase is: pure courage.

There’s a lot of thoughts in the world about courage, as well as purity. But what does pure courage get you? A dashing knight or beautiful warrior? Some foolhardy person who attacks before he or she needs to? Or does it mean someone who is thoughtful? Is this thoughtful person someone who knows exactly how to take apart whatever threat he or she encounters, but refuses to be violent unless it’s necessary? Is this person Batman? (Batman, like many other superheroes seem like the word courage should be their middle name.)

I feel like pure courage is, at least in part, made up of confidence, self-assurance, and the driving idea that one’s self is okay to share with others.

Giant stashes of bad-guy busting gadgets are helpful too. ;)

<3 Thank you for sharing this bit of time with me. :)

Encouragement and Refocusing

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

I saw this quote and thought of how I really needed to refocus. I’ve been anxious about this blog and being perfectly right, never posting something that’s outside what this blog is intended to be.

I need to be able to make enough money to live. I need to make it so this blog does that. I cannot live off the assistance of others for forever, as much as I appreciate it.

I was focusing on the harvest. I need to focus on the seeds.

What will bring value to those who come by my corner of the world? What do I want to express? If I’ve managed to bring interesting posts to you, maybe I need not be concerned with the results.

The question needs to be “What am I planting?” not “What will I have, when the plants are bearing fruit?”

Now, I must keep refocusing on my seeds, not my fruits. That’s the trick. “Let go, and let God”, they say.

What do you see in this quote? Tell me.

Sending love to you. <3