A Reaction to X-Men: Apocalypse

February 8, 2021 0 By rootedphoenix-wp

I’ve been pondering doing reviews of stuff for this blog, because I know that I can review a movie, and then give my affiliate link for it and…that’s great, I guess, but I just wanted to be able to comment on things in a movie, without having to do a full review.

I’ve chosen to link up my commentary with timestamps. That way, I don’t get chased around by copyright claims or anything, since you’d have to have access to the movie in order for this to make any sense at all.

Timestamps are approximate, and based on the version on Disney+. There will also be spoilers. <3

18:53 Charles’s empathy for Scott is really sweet. <3 It’s logical that most gifts/powers don’t feel like gifts in the beginning. 

19:59 Scott breaks a tree with his eye beams.  Charles ducks the beams, but when Scott shuts his eyes and puts the bandage back on, Charles starts laughing. I’m not sure why he’s laughing, but it’s funny that he does.

The scenery in this scene is pretty… except for the giant wrecked tree, of course. This is also the first thing to indicate that Charles is far more focused on the kids than his stuff.Although, this guy knows that uncontrolled powers are unpredictable and STILL has this school in his house.

26:00 I’ve watched this scene several times. Seems like Charles was trying to block out he dream, and then it cracked through anyway.

The way Charles comforts Jean is so sweet. And he’s more focused on her, despite the damage on the walls. Charles must be a good guy. 

30:00 lol His goofy little smile.  Aww.

41:00 As Moira is explaining what she knows of the previous night’s tremor, you can see Charles go through several different reactions. Seems like he’s pondering what was in Jean’s nightmare.

54:00 Hi Palpatine. You seem to have a few more powers this time.

1:08:54 ….doesn’t he know how it feels, though? I thought that was a standard part of Charles’s telepathy, that he feels what you do. 

1:10:25 Apocalypse is creepy all thorough the movie, but especially in this scene. So is Erik.

1:12:00 Hi Locutus. (Also, YIiiiiikes.)

1:16:59 I hate that the mansion is blowing up, but table surfing! Also Peter saves a dog and some fish in the midst of all this.

1:21:26 Colonel Stryker is so, so awful.

1:22:36 This conversation is sweet, even though the subject at hand is sad. People caring about each other is great. Kurt’s prayer is sweet too.

1:25:59 Colonel Stryker. Arrrgh. Yes, you ARE supposed to believe them, you frustrating person.

1:29:53 Creepy speech of creepy. The buried message to Jean is great though. The defiant eyes at the end are a nice touch, too (along with the switched up line at the end). We find out that Charles can speak in any language (at least when using telepathy), which would be pretty cool if what he was saying wasn’t so icky.

1:32:03 Logan shows up. Poor guy. Don’t like the rampaging, but he did get turned into a weapon. And he’s part of everybody escaping Stryker’s clutches, so hooray for escaping!  Although, what are these dudes thinking with shooting Logan? Bullets annoy him at best, what ARE you doing?

1:34:52 Jean’s restoration of some of Logan’s memories was sweet.

1:36:24 How does Logan not freeze, like, right away? He must have really good survival skills alongside that healing factor of his. I still wanna give him warm clothes, though.

1:37:36 Blasting through the door with eye beams! YES! This is why I like stories of magic or science that is indistinguishable from magic, because you get stuff like this! 😀

?:? Charles trying to convince Erik not to do this. Charles’s and Erik’s expressions, to me, read like there’s more going on than just the words exchanged.

1:39:02 Nice visual effects…even though it’s a city getting wrecked to build the bad guy’s pyramid. *mental ears flattening  like a cat’s*

If you watch Charles… he must be feeling all of this. I can’t tell if Erik looks worried about Charles or not.

1:40:31 Eriiik. Why are you in with this dude. C’mon, see through him, please. (No, I know why. It’s just… frustrating. All the capabilities of being a good guy, but he’s off doing the wrong thing.)

1:45:26 That’ll be a yikes from me. (We already know this as viewers, but the characters don’t. It took a couple times through before I realized that one.)

1:48:29 Storm materializes from a lightning bolt. That’s pretty neat, even though she’s on the bad guy’s team. 

1:48:46 Psionic sword through a car. A CAR. Cool. Also Storm doesn’t get squished, which I approve of because… later stuff. 

1:50:18 “You have more family than you know.” <3 <3 I do love how this discussion of family plays out, and how it affects the story.

1:52:03 I don’t think Psylocke expected to get thrown over a building…

1:52:47 Kurt teleports Charles just in the nick of time. YAY!

1:53:00 Beam-o-war between Storm and Scott. Cool.

1:56:33 Erik remembers a couple things about how Charles has been kind to him, is probably also reflecting on the family he still has, and cries a single tear.

1:56:48 The first of Storm’s heel realization moments.

1:56:53 Well, that’s just creepy. And then Apocalypse starts chewing the scenery whilst still managing to be creepy. And I’ve commented “nobody here but us chickens” a couple times. That’s me trying to correct for how creeped out I am, lol.

1:57:57 Someone said that Charles knew it was Peter because of the telepathy. Then I thought “can’t Charles just… hear him? He’s not that far away, right?” But then.. he’d have to recognize Peter’s voice. A reacher/professor’s memory can be something else, so it’s plausible to me. In the end, though, the telepathy idea is cooler, because then it helps explain why Peter stays at the mansion in the end.

1:58:35 Raven gets choked by Apocalypse, prompting another heel realization moment for Storm. Charles nearly gives himself up, but Moira tells him he can’t do that. Charles cries (like I would if I just got told I couldn’t sake my sister without dooming everybody). 

And then he realizes he can get into Apocalypse’s head, which prompts the fight on the Astral Plane.

I sort of wish Charles just went for the whole “open Apocalypse up to all the minds in range” thing for longer,. Apocalypse does wind up dropping Raven as a result, so that’s neat. And I do like the effect of the mansion building around them. “You’re in my house now.”

Someone said that Charles still having hair in his astral projection meant he was vain. I’m not so sure, because he only lost his hair a metaphorical 5 minutes previous. Maybe it’s not sunken in or something? I don’t know.

2:01:01 Apocalypse disintegrates one wall of the building some of our heroes are in. Yikes.

2:01:34 Jean looks terrified. I wonder how much of the fight she can sense/see? I know it’s going all kinds of wrong as a viewer, but…how much is she aware of?

And then the X made out of i-beams comes in. Yay for Erik! “No, I betrayed them.” That’s an indicator that it’s not just Charles that he regards as important or as family. And through the rest of the fight, I love how much Erik is putting into saving his family, especially Charles.

2:03:33 “C’mere” is what my ears hear. Eeew. Creepy.

2:03:40 Poor Charles. That terrible “I’m very injured”-type cry he makes. 🙁 Also all the lights go out when he lands.

2:05:03 “Because you are alone, and I am not.” Our determinator, everybody. (tvtropes link) He’s been beaten up, and he’s a bloodied mess, and he’s still not gonna let go of the fight. He knows he has friends to rely on. This is when Jean walks in from the Cerebro room to join the fight in the Astral Plane. She also levitates in the real world, for more awesomeness.

2:06:17 “Jean, let go!” And does she ever. Apocalypse tries to teleport away, then YAY Storm undoes his bubble! And Jean finishes the job. Teamwork~~!

2:08:23 Jean restores Charles. It’s … kind of astonishing. Charles nearly lost his life trying to defend the world here. I’m glad Jean could bring him back. 🙂

2:09:36 Moira gets her memories back. I love her look of recognition. And Kurt is lovely comic relief. And that little smile from Charles. Looks like he was amused too. 🙂

2:10:30 Telekinesis and metallokinesis used to rebuild the mansion. I love these people.

2:11:19 Peter decides to stay, and I sit here wishing this cast had more movies. The MCU’s great and all, but I really liked these people. 

2:11:49 This conversation is great. Also there’s a hint of gritted teeth or ..something in the line “I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my school looking for trouble.” I think that’s Charles’s Papa Wolf thing talking.

2:12:55 I do like that they’re getting training. Not so much that they have to, though. Kurt’s growl near the end actually comes off as menacing, which is quite the feat considering how sweet he actually is.

Conclusion: I liked it. Kurt is an adorable little blue elfin person and I want to hug him. I love the musical theme, though I’m still entranced by the song “Hope (Xavier’s Theme)” from Days of Future Past. I love the theme of family that comes up in this First Class trilogy. These people (some of them) are family, and that’s a cool thing. I also love the theme of having hope across the last two movies (DoFP and this one). Hope is important, always.

Love you <3