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Save #NetNeutrality

So I’ve been a bit of a broken record today (and yesterday). I believe in net neutrality.

As it says in my sidebar right now..

I grew up with a free and open internet. I found my friends and my family there. I will not allow this attack on our way of life to go uncontested. The internet is, first and foremost, a tool for communications.

#StoptheFCC from redefining it as yet another way for companies to control what we see and know. Call, write letters, make a ruckus. :D


“Make a ruckus.” — Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC commissioner

“I aim to misbehave.” — Firefly

I aim to misbehave in the sense that I’m not going to ignore this. I’m a very anxious sort, but I don’t have that same anxiety when I’m here and talking, so I’m going to use this as my opportunity to not shut up about it.

I not only grew up with an open and free internet, I grew up with computers. My father was a computer programmer. Computers and the internet are a blessing that is not to be denied.

Right now, if you want to read a story or post on a small website, you can do that for the price of your internet service. It might be a news story. It might be frivolous. It might even be a story about why someone thinks ISP X or Y is superawfulhorrible…or how yours is doing something bad. Your ISP serves the site to you (even the stories that don’t say favorable things about them), and doesn’t have the right to deny you that content. That’s net neutrality.

What the repeal of net neutrality will do is make it possible for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to charge you, or the site’s owner, or even both to allow you to see that website.

Or they just won’t show it to you at all.

That throttles useful communication and puts our lives and information streams in the hands and control of companies that would profit greatly from either blocking access to certain things, or charging more money for access to whatever content they decide to charge more for.

I’m not going to trust companies when the situation is like that. Net neutrality is a blessing.

Again, in my sidebar, it reads:

This site can’t exist without a neutral internet. Fight for #NetNeutrality!

Battle for the Net – Break the Internet

Fight for net neutrality by calling Congress. Don’t let them ignore you. Go to Battle for the Net – Break the Internet to get some tools to make a ruckus with. Go to their main page, Battle for the Net to further understand what net neutrality is and why it’s such a big deal to fight for it.

Make the biggest ruckus you can manage. Show them our power to get in the way of this regression.

This is my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter right now.

The FCC is about to vote to kill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it. Call Congress.

I’m gonna fight.

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