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Writing Prompts: Pure Courage.

pure courage

(c) 7 Dec 2013 Windy Johansen

This time, the phrase is: pure courage.

There’s a lot of thoughts in the world about courage, as well as purity. But what does pure courage get you? A dashing knight or beautiful warrior? Some foolhardy person who attacks before he or she needs to? Or does it mean someone who is thoughtful? Is this thoughtful person someone who knows exactly how to take apart whatever threat he or she encounters, but refuses to be violent unless it’s necessary? Is this person Batman? (Batman, like many other superheroes seem like the word courage should be their middle name.)

I feel like pure courage is, at least in part, made up of confidence, self-assurance, and the driving idea that one’s self is okay to share with others.

Giant stashes of bad-guy busting gadgets are helpful too. ;)

<3 Thank you for sharing this bit of time with me. :)

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