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5 Ways to Help Your Imagination Be Free


(c) 2013 Windy Johansen

The power of imagination makes us infinite — John Muir

Imagination is wonderful. Our world tells us we need to do this or that, but that keeps us from being able to come up with creative solutions to problems. And it keeps us from being creative.

Here are 5 ways to help yourself open up.

Trust that what you are doing is important.

You don’t have to get anything for your writing to have it be worthwhile. It takes time, and it’s not always outwardly doing anything, but I can tell you that you will benefit from creating.

Let go of the fear of recrimination.

Imagination is a sign of strength, not weakness. Perfection, again, is not needed, no matter what some bozo on the internet says. If you find inspiration, and you want to write about it, then do the best you can, and don’t worry. Skill comes with practice, and I’d rather read a passionate mess than a perfect soulless work.

Don’t let your fear eat your wonder. Don’t let it kill your will to create.

Listen to soothing music.

If Metallica soothes you, then go for it. I know I’m soothed by things that wouldn’t always soothe anyone else.

I’ve started to really like listening to Bjork when my imagination tries to walk out on me. It’s probably because she’s so unapologetically herself, and I’m trying to learn how to do that.

Find a place you feel warm and safe in, then go there to write.

My writing space, as I’ve said, is a couch in my living room. Maybe yours is a bench in the park. If you feel safe there, and it makes you feel warm inside (even though the space itself might be cold), then you’ve got a good spot. If you can’t get there, take a picture or buy an item that reminds you of that place, and have it near you when you write.

Make sure to take care of your health.

Eat healthy. Make sure you sleep as many hours as your doctor tells you to. Sometimes a distracted mind is a sign from your body that something’s not being cared for. Make sure to do that, because that will help. Won’t solve it all, but it will help you.


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2 Responses to 5 Ways to Help Your Imagination Be Free

  1. Sol Danmeri says:

    Recently I have been listening to a lot of Bach before going to sleep. I have found that when I wake up I feel really excited to start the day and to discover new things. Imagination is so important to us. Thank Windy for sharing this positive and inspirational post.

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