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5 Ways that Repetition is Useful

"Lightning Wheel" (c) 18 January 2010, Windy Johansen

“Lightning Wheel” (c) 18 January 2010, Windy Johansen

Repetition isn’t bad. In fact, it can be very useful.

Here are five ways that you can use repetition to help you.

Making Things Memorable

You’re more likely to remember something that was repeated. It’s part of the reason you remember a chorus more easily than you might remember any other thing in a given song.


If you want to be persuasive, sometimes repetition helps you do that. Some commercials talk about “low, low prices”. They’re using repetition to convince you to buy.

Building Tension

If you repeat something, that can help you build tension in a poem. If, say, one or two words is repeated from the middle of a phrase, you will build tension. In this case, you can release it by continuing with the phrase and completing that phrase.

Highlighting A Given Theme

Repetition can help you highlight your theme. If, say, your poem has the words “I’m gone” in it, and you repeat it, I’m going to figure that “I’m gone” is an important thematic element.

Highlighting Something You Don’t Want Overlooked

What if you have something that’s important for your readers to see, but you think it’s going to get overlooked? If you repeat it, it will bring attention to it. This helps in situations where you want to kinda hide something early on, but you need it to be noticed later.


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