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Surrendering = Trust.

I’m in a pensive mood today.

People can be surprisingly narrow in their views, only seeing them or maybe them and some cherished loved ones. It’s human to shut down and disconnect from the pain life gives us in rich abundance.

No matter the fault, I wish we could see more of the world than our small corner. I think we’d feel better, and be better able to handle the awful things life inevitably does to us.

Everyone’s been deprived of something they wanted/needed sooner or later; what do you choose then? We show ourselves to be very small characters in a very large play by what we choose to do and say. We show that we don’t know how to handle such a thing… but everyone is small, just like each one of us.

We could accept our small role as our Divine calling, but clamor for bigger roles. Do we not know that the small role is just as important as the big star? Who are we supposed to be? Do we ask Divinity to tell us? Or do we write our own script, fearing the loss of total control that surrendering to the Divine is? Do we not know that surrendering is the best way to find our own truth?

I’m sad that we don’t take that opportunity. Part of loving anyone is surrendering your need to be right all the time. Your need to be in total control of everything. To surrender is to trust. To trust is to have the universe opened up right in front of you.

Who would turn such an opportunity away?

We do. Every day.
I do. Every day.

I can say that I don’t want to, and that I’ll do my best not to. ♥

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